Friday, August 31, 2012

Kamisama Kiss: Volume 7

by Julietta Suzuki, 189 pages

Nanami gets to the Kamuhakari conference but feels less than welcomed by many of those attending.  When Ôkuninushi-sama, the hosting kami, asks her to do him a favor and deal with a problem at one of the nearby gates of the land of the dead--a seal traditionally weakened for the week-long conference, as its usual guards are attendees--she can't say no.  But what exactly has she gotten herself into?

Goodness, Tomoe used to associate with a very bad element.  The little flashback to his days of hanging out with Akura-Oh (an even wilder fox yokai than Tomoe) is the darkest scene of the series to-date.  The prospect of him getting his original body back and once more wreaking havoc in the world is a scary one.  How did he wind up temporarily occupying his present vessel?  And how's Tomoe going to react when he finds out what he's up to?  And how much of his own past does Tomoe really remember?  I like how the series has been patiently adding snippets of depth and character development as it goes along.  It makes me want to read more every time.

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