Friday, August 31, 2012

Durarara!!: Volume 1

by Ryohgo Narita (story), Suzuhito Yasuda (character design), and Akiyo Satorigi (art), 172 pages

Tired of his quiet life in his hometown, excitement-starved Mikado Ryuugamine doesn't hesitate to follow a childhood friend's suggestion that he transfer to the latter's high school in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo.  But once happily reconnected with his friend and joining the neighborhood's perpetual hubbub, he worries the longed-for adventure may be a little more dangerous than he expected.

You'll want to be awake before you crack this series open, as information and names and faces come at you fast and not always in order.  Adapted from an illustrated light novel series, Durarara!! has a little of everything: action, adventure, mystery, romance, horror, comedy, fantasy.  (There's also an excellent anime adaptation of the original books.)  The art is a nice fit and the story is intriguing.  I doubt the real Ikebukuro is quite this exciting, but that's the fun of fiction, no?

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