Friday, August 31, 2012

Kamisama Kiss: Volume 8

by Julietta Suzuki, 191 pages

Nanami is trapped in the land of the dead with the mysterious "human" Kirihito.  Tomoe's not with her, so she'll have to rely on her own skills to protect the weakening Kirihito and escape.  By the time Tomoe does figure out what's going on and tries to help, he may no longer be a match for the entryway's new least not in his present form as a shinshi....

Lots of introspection for Tomoe, Kirihito, and Nanami this volume as they each have to analyze their pasts and presents and interpret what it all might mean.  Kirihito in particular earns some sympathy points.  Considering how unpleasant he was in the past, his punishment and recent connections with humans have forced him to experience the world through a different set of (more empathetic) senses.  It will be interesting to see what he, Tomoe, and Nanami do with their newly altered circumstances (though they do not all realize just how much things have changed).

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