Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Earl and the Fairy: Volume 1

by Ayuko (story and art) and Mizue Tani (original concept), 182 pages

Lydia Carlton is the latest in a long line of "fairy doctors," individuals who help humans to understand and deal with the world of local spirits, but modern Victorian society sees her as more of a superstitious flake than anything else.  She's pretty much resigned herself to a life of ridicule when she suddenly finds her services not only wanted but drawn into the middle of a potentially deadly rivalry.  Lies and legends get all mixed up as Lydia tries to figure out whom she can trust with her knowledge...and her life.

Lydia's a bit overly perfect, but she's still likeable enough and may show a little more personality as the series continues and she gets more comfortable with her situation.  At least she talks back to the people making her life more complicated than she'd prefer.  Edgar, the titular Earl, and his devoted servants have a surprisingly dark shared history, which balances out nicely with the fluffier elements of the story and keeps things from getting overly silly.

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