Sunday, October 28, 2012

Library Wars: Love & War: Volume 8

by Kiiro Yumi (story and art) and Hiro Arikawa (original concept), 190 pages

Iku learns the truth of the inquiry against her and is asked to choose between saving herself and standing up for what she believes in as Shibazaki deals with a personal and professional betrayal of her own.

What makes a "prince" a prince?  Iku finally gets a clue!  As corny as this series is--and, boy, is it corny--it's still nice to see the gang bonding and learning to better understand one another as they fight the forces of censorship.  But do we really need to see Iku don a miniskirt instead of her gun to catch a molester of female library patrons?  *eye-roll*  If only the series didn't take such ridiculousness seriously, the cheeze would be easier to swallow.  *sigh*

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