Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"From the Bottom Up: One Man's Crusade to Clean America's Rivers" by Chad Pregracke

320 pages

Chad Pregracke grew up on the northern Illinois side of the Mississippi River. The mighty water, which flowed right beyond his back yard, was part of his daily life. Then, as he grew older, he began to notice how much trash his beloved river carried. As a teenager, he decided to do something about it. What began as a simple one-man operation became a full-time national movement. In this memoir, Chad explains how it all went down. 

Very inspiring! I love how Chad just saw something he wanted to change and made it happen--with lots of hard work and help, of course. When I finished reading, I felt all pumped up and ready to go out and tackle the world's problems. I like Chad's goofy, humorous way of looking at things, too. I felt like the book could have used a little more editing and maybe had some things rearranged for clarity, but for the most part I enjoyed the actual story as well as the motivational value. 

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