Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dark Magic

Christine Feehan
358 pages

Gregori has been waiting almost 1000 years to get a lifemate.  He has suffered through centuries of a bleak existence without emotions or color.  However, hope is in sight.  Gregori has found a lifemate.  Savannah is very young, only 23, and scared to be joined with somebody as old and powerful as Gregori.  Gregori has given Savannah five years of freedom, but he can wait no longer.  If he doesn't join with Savannah soon he will turn vampire.  However, he doesn't want to force her.  Savannah struggles but eventually comes to accept Gregori as her lifemate.  In the meantime, Savannah has attracted the attention of several vampires and a secret society of human vampire hunters, and it is up to Gregori to put an end to the threat.

I like the relationship dynamics at play here, and I'm a big fan of Gregori.  However, the plots of these novels are very predictable, and Feehan's use of language is getting VERY repetitive.  I think I'm going to have to take a break from the Dark series for awhile...

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