Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Deception of the Emerald Ring

by Lauren Willig, 387 pages

Eloise decides to research the Pink Carnation by looking into one of the elusive spy's associates; but when she tries to find information on the young man by backtracking from documents regarding the beautiful socialite he was known to have been pursuing, she instead finds him linked with the woman's less celebrated younger sister.

The writing's still a little awkward sometimes, as Willig doesn't always remember to drop in narrative cues when transitioning between perspectives and time frames and the like, but it's still fun.  Also, despite the fact that she tweaks history a bit to make it fit her story, I feel like I'm learning a little something while also being entertained.  The modern-day framing story makes this series best read in order, since it covers only a few days each volume.  It amuses me that no matter how she describes Eloise's enigmatic source of historical documents, Colin, my brain insists that he looks like Colin Firth.  :P

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