Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gate 7: Volume 3

by CLAMP, 185 pages

Chikahito makes friends with the beautiful new transfer student as the others keep an eye out for their enemy, Iemitsu, and his deadly oni while facing off with other contracted individuals seeking Nobunaga's legendary oni.

This third volume of the series is more battles than anything else, but the interludes between confrontations offer just enough story and character information to keep the reader interested for now.  It helps, of course, that it's pretty, although the battles involve a lot of heavy inking, and that the character glimpses we do get are interesting.  Also, I do like the historical elements, as long as they don't get overused.  Still, I hope this doesn't turn into a lighter version of X-1999, with character development and story progression getting lost in the supernatural, magical warfare and mystical melodrama for pages / chapters / volumes at a time.

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