Sunday, June 17, 2012

"The Other Wes Moore" by Wes Moore

233 pages

Two boys named Wes Moore. Both lived in the same decaying area of the same city. Wes A, as I'm calling him, grew up to be a Rhodes Scholar, White House fellow, and business leader. Wes B ended up in prison for murder. When Wes A's mother told him about the man from the same neighborhood with the same name who was going to jail, he was intrigued. He began talking to the other Wes while he was in jail. What started with a few letters became in-person visits, and slowly Wes A began to unravel the two men's lives and what made them different. What he found, however, was that for every question answered, new questions came up.

This is a fascinating story. Ultimately, there never is a big, clear answer as to what separated the fates of these two men; there are lots of small things that contributed to the paths their lives took. I feel like this story is a bit unorganized--it would benefit from some more structure--but it's well-thought out and engaging.

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