Saturday, June 23, 2012

"The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green

318 pages

At age 13, Hazel was supposed to die. Then a medical miracle caused the tumors in her lungs (caused by Stage IV thyroid cancer) to shrink. Now she's sixteen, living on borrowed time. Though she could live for a long time, the cancer will probably come back eventually. And in the meantime, life isn't exactly rosy. Hazel is always exhausted, she can't go to school, and she has to lug an oxygen tank everywhere she goes. If anyone is justified in being depressed, it's her. But her mom thinks a cancer support group will help her get out of her funk, so she goes. And it's there that she meets Augustus, who turns her world upside down. He's hot, he's in remission, and he adores Hazel. For once, things are finally looking up for Hazel. And, of course, that's when things start to fall apart in a way that she'd never expected. 

Oh, John Green. You break my heart again, in the best way possible. Seriously, he's at his best here. One minute I'd be laughing, the next I'd be crying. Just a few pages in, I was completely in love with these characters. I felt like they were real people, people that I'd known my whole life. I'm pretty sure this is the first time that JG has written a book with a female narrator, but her voice feels as authentic as the male narrators of his other stories. This guy just gets teens, period. As for the story itself, "The Fault In Our Stars" completely drew me in and took over my life for a few days, and it stuck with me long after I finished the last page. It made me think about how much life sucks sometimes, how it's so unfair, but also how beautiful it can be, even in the middle of all the awful stuff. I recommend this book for...everyone! If you haven't read it, get off the computer and go read it right this minute. 

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