Saturday, June 23, 2012

Circus of the Damned

by Laurell K. Hamilton
303 pages

Jean-Claude is the master vampire of the city, but his authority is being tested by rival vampires who are much more powerful.  One of those vampires would like to "steal" Anita from Jean-Claude and make her his human servant.  Mysterious vampire killings are also wreaking havoc and spreading Anita thin.  A new love interest for Anita also appears in this novel, who is more "interesting" than he first appears.  Anita is up against many challenges in this book, and must help decide the fate of the city.  Will she stay loyal to Jean-Claude, or will she betray him to another master?

Another action-packed novel.  I find some parts of this novel very difficult to swallow and I feel that Hamilton gets a little more absurd with every novel.  However, I keep finding myself coming back for more.

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