Monday, April 30, 2012

Pandora Hearts: Volume 6

by Jun Mochizuki, 180 pages

Oz's uncle Oscar whisks him, Gilbert, and Alice off to Oz's little sister's private school in order to discover the object of her secret crush. Really, though, Oscar's just trying to get Oz to relax, have a little fun, and reconnect with his sister, whom he hasn't seen since he returned from the Abyss the first time. With everyone but himself 10 years older than the day he disappeared, the boy has felt a little left behind and detached from those who love him. But with the "encouragement" of new acquaintances and old, Oz may finally be starting to step out of his self-hating holding pattern.

Ha, I like the new boys, Elliot and his valet Leo. Elliot's short-fused temper and blunt personality are just what quiet, tightly-wound little Oz needs to kick him in the seat of the pants. And vice versa, as Elliot needs his faith in humanity restored a wee bit, too. Now, if the scary Baskervilles, responsible for the tragedy 100 years ago, would just stop stirring up trouble and trying to bring it all about again....

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