Sunday, April 29, 2012


Crossed (Matched #2)
by Ally Condie
367 pages

In the 2nd book of the Matched trilogy, Cassia is in the Outer Provinces, trying to find a way to search for Ky.  Her and another girl, Indie, escape into the Carving where they've been told Ky has gone. The Carving is like a bunch of caves and caverns that Farmers and people of the Rising (a rebellion against the Society) used to live in until the Society found it and the two groups deserted it.  In the Carving, Cassia reunites with Ky and they both make their way to the Rising.  Will they both join? Or will they be torn apart again? 

This book is BORING.  It was all fluff and no substance.  Ally Condie knows how to use her synonyms, and she writes gorgeous passages.  But in this book they were like a gorgeous airhead.  I hope "Reached" (the final book in the series) is better. It can't be any worse than "Mockinjay" was for The Hunger Games trilogy.

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