Monday, April 30, 2012

The Little Book of Big F*#k Ups: 220 of History's Most Regrettable Moments
by Ken Lytle & Katie Corcoran Lytle, MA
224 pages

I like to have a book with me everywhere I go, and I love everything history, so this not quite pocket size book was perfect.  It had little anecdotes starting with the very first "eff up": Adam & Eve eating the apple. It continues all the way up through 2010, mentioning some obvious eff ups like: 

-the sinking of the Titanic
-the Greeks accepting the Trojan Horse
-Y2K (and how it didn't happen)
-the Salem Witch Trials

and some more obscure eff ups like: 

-the introduction of rabbits to Australia 
-the Grover Shoe Factory Explosion in Brockton, Massachusetts
-the Great Fire of Meireki
-Edward III of England making unions illigal.

This book is interesting and good for random anecdotes about history.  Could come in handy on trivia night.

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