Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Spell for Chameleon

A Spell for Chameleon
by Piers Anthony
344 pages

Bink lives in the magical land of Xanth where every person must be able to demonstrate magic in order to remain a citizen.  Bink is unable to do this, so he is exiled into the harsh, unmagical world of Mundania.  His venture into Mundania will ultimately change Xanth and help Bink discover who he truly is.

I found this first book in the Magic of Xanth series to be refreshingly funny and thought provoking.  Bink can be a stubborn and impulsive person, but he also has integrity and honor.  This book really demonstrates that meaningless talent is less valuable than a good heart.  Anthony is a good writer, and I will probably read more about Xanth in the future.

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