Friday, February 24, 2012


by Ann Aguirre
262 pages

In this dark and gritty novel, Deuce, a Huntress, must brave the underground tunnels of NYC to bring back meat for the people of the Enclave. She’s partnered with Fade, a mysterious outsider, who was found near the Enclave after being in the tunnels for four years by himself. Freaks, who I immediately associated with Reavers, are also there hunting the same meat and them...well they aren’t particular in what they eat.

After being partnered with Fade, Deuce realizes that the elders may not always know best. She and Fade are exiled and make it Topside. But Topside is even more dangerous than the underground tunnels. At an action pace that brought Hunger Games to mind, we follow Deuce, Fade and a Breeder and Gangster they pick up along the way north as they search for a settlement Fade’s sire told him about.

The ending is not a cliffhanger, but doesn’t wrap anything up either, just leading us into Outpost, which is due out this Fall.

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