Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skip Beat!: Volume 26

by Yoshiki Nakamura, 175 pages

The deviously scheming agency president gives the three Love Me division members comfort-zone-pushing assignments. But when Kyoko's gets adapted to coincide with Ren's latest homework, will the two be able to handle being in character, in close quarters, 24/7?

Hee!! Ooh, that president is a meddlesome genius. These two are serious about acting, but I've the feeling that the more they give themselves over to their characters in pursuit of their craft, the more they'll be discovering about their real selves, too. So awesome, this series. Smart and hilarious and creative and thoughtful. The acting business is not just a convenient device to bring these people together. Their coming together is a by-product of how seriously they take their work. Without the one, I don't know that they could ever achieve the other. Baby steps it may take, but the progress in both their professional and personal lives reads believably (despite all the utterly outrageous ridiculousness in-between) and I am happy to watch it all unfold in its hysterical, touching, fascinating little increments.

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