Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy: Notes On and Off the Couch
Rob Dobrenski, PhD
201 pages

Rob Dobrenski is a licensed psychologist and the creator of

This book is a collection of his experience as a psychologist, starting from his years as a graduate student still learning to his first few years as a licensed psychologist. He works with all types of people: grieving widows, victims of sexual abuse, sexual offenders themselves, and even other mental health technicians. 

Each client Dr. Dobrenski profiles is different and unique, and he explains their illness or situation in a way that the general public can understand. I ended up learning so much more about how the brain works from this one book than from any of my undergrad psychology textbooks.

I loved this book just for this one line from the prologue:

"You can ask for help when your feelings are broken"

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  1. Okay, I have to read this. This kind of thing fascinates me, but sometimes the terminology gets overwhelming for my humble brain. This sounds perfect!