Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blade of the Immortal: Volume 20: Demon Lair

by Hiroaki Samura, 280 pages

Rin forges ahead alone, desperate to see Manji and know that he's alive. All the suffering she's witnessed along the way only fills her with more fear and anger. Woe to the fool who stands in her way.

Oh, my heart hurt and then jumped up and down with woo-hoo! this volume. Such a nice, fat book full of Samura goodness. Rin gets maaaaad and kicks some behind, which makes me so very happy. Now if all these idiots would just get out of her way. She's not a little girl anymore (not entirely, anyway) and doesn't settle for being defended when going on the offensive will yield better results--much to Manji's surprise. :) On a less pleasant note, even though he doesn't get a mention this volume, the reader knows the cockroach is somewhere beneath the castle, too, the prison cells of which are swinging wide.... *clenches fists and looks around warily*

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