Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek
by Katy Grant
Hide and Seek230 pp                                                                             

This is on the new list of Mark Twain nominees.  I can see why it made the list.  I think boys might enjoy the adventure part, the main character is a boy and in the end, he's sort of a hero.

Plot summary:  Chase lives at an Arizona resort with his mom, stepdad and two sisters.  The whole family has to help run the resort.  Chase is really into using his GPS that his dad gave him.  One day, while searching for a geocache, he finds a disturbing note, seemingly written in a child's hand, that seems to indicate someone is in trouble and needs help.  Eventually Chase meets the two young boys who wrote the note and he has to figure out if the boys are really just camping with their dad or is their something more going on.  Then the suspense and adventure begin.

For an adult reader, it's a pretty thin story but I think kids will like it and they'll learn a lot about geocaching, which is a feature in at least two of our library branches..could spark a kid's program, maybe.

Kim F

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