Friday, November 30, 2012

Until Death Do Us Part: Volume 2

by Hiroshi Takashige (story) and DOUBLE-S (art), 436 pages

As the police try to piece together recent events and solve a kidnapping, Mamoru and the gang work to resolve things their own way.  And if that happens to involve knowingly walking into multiple traps in order take down the enemy, then so be it.

Genda, part of the police team investigating Haruka's kidnapping, seems to have some previous knowledge of Mamoru, making the reader curious about the blind swordsman's past and the two's history.  Between the bad guys who want Haruka and the bad guys who want the biochip and the bad guys who just want to make piles of money while taking out as much of the competition as possible (and backstabbing their own in the process), remembering who's scheming with whom and who's up to what can be a challenge.  Having multiple groups of maybe-good guys, like the cops and "The Wall" and, of course, Mamoru, just adds to that.  But I'll still read the next one when it comes out.  It's fun enough sci-fi-tinged action with gangsters and corporate conspiracies and international evil-doers pursued by differing interpretations of justice to keep me around for now.

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