Friday, November 30, 2012

Until Death Do Us Part: Volume 1

by Hiroshi Takashige (story) and DOUBLE-S (art), 452 pages

Young Haruka Tooyama can predict aspects of her own future and of those closest to her, so when guys with guns kill her parents and kidnap her, hoping to profit from her skills, she knows which stranger in the crowd to run to for help.  A blind man may seem an unlikely choice for a body guard, but Mamoru Hijikata quickly proves the accuracy of her predictions as he draws a sword from his cane and handily dispatches her pursuers.  But those behind the attempt are still looking for her and now they've got their sights set on Mamoru, too.  He and his cohorts--as, of course, he has his secrets, too--wonder if spontaneously vowing to protect such a danger-draw was a good idea, but what's done is done and Mamoru brings Haruka into the fold.  After all, her powers of prediction may prove useful to their cause, as well.

The sci-fi elements here can be a little cheezy, as can the story, but I'm still enjoying this one, anyway.  The art is pleasant (though one review I read rightly noted that Haruka only has about two facial expressions), the characters are interesting, and the idea of international terrorism vs. high-tech vigilantism mixed with a little precognition is entertaining (it makes me think of the A-Team, only most of these guys take themselves way more seriously--happily, not so much so as to dampen the fun, though).  Also, I'm a great big geek and am tickled that Mamoru shares his family name with a famous sword-wielding officer of the law from history (Shinsengumi references make me squee!).

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