Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Every You, Every Me" by David Levithan

245 pages

Evan is having a bad year. His best friend Ariel is gone. He can't sleep, tortured by guilt over his role in her disappearance. Then, to make matters worse, he starts finding black-and-white photographs in bizarre places. Photographs of himself. As he finds more and more images, he realizes that someone is stalking him. Someone knows what happened between him and April, and they are determined to make him pay for it. But who? As he tries to solve the mystery, Evan becomes more and more paranoid and his own sense of reality begins to unravel. 

I really got into this book as I was reading. I like the way that the actual images Evan finds are included in the text, as it made what was happening seem even more creepy and disturbing. The suspense builds well, as it's not clear how much is real and how much is Evan's paranoia. As much as I got sucked into the story and had trouble putting it down , I was ultimately disappointed with the ending. It felt rushed and unlikely to me. There aren't any particular holes in the conclusion other than some of the characters' behavior simply not making sense, but it bothers me when I don't understand characters' motivation. I felt that Every You, Every Me was worth reading due to the enjoyment I got from the first 75%, but I walked away with a bad feeling about it. 

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