Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Gideon's Sword"

By Doug Preston & Lincoln Child
342 Pages

I had heard wonderful things about this author duo.  I was expecting this book to be a really good read. I read the whole book , but have to admit that I am not sure that I will read the next in the Gideon Crew series.  Gideon sees his father gunned down and on his mother's death bed, finds out that his dad was used as a scapegoat and his mother wants him to get revenge. Well, he does and does such a great job that an "agency" hires him to do an assignment that no one thinks he can do since he is an amateur.  Well, he finished the assignment but in doing so the authors have him getting by with  very unrealistic things. I love mystery/suspense novels and this didn't hold my interest very well. I like to be on the "edge of my seat" and wasn't with this book.

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