Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker
by Kate Alcott
304 pages

Tess Collins is an aspiring seamstress wanting to escape her servant role in England.  With some gumption and a bit of luck, she lands the role of personal maid to Lady Duff Gordon, a world famous designer, who is traveling on the Titanic.  Even though it's still a servant role, Tess takes the position under the promise Lady Duff Gordon makes to her to show her the way into the fashion world.
While on the Titanic, Tess meets two men: one, a rough around the edges but sweet sailor, and the other a charming millionaire from Chicago.  Both are wildly different, but they both capture her heart in some way.  When the Titanic hits the iceberg, both men make sure that Tess is on one of the life boats.  Lady Duff Gordon ends up in a different lifeboat, and the aftermath of that night is what sets the stage for the rest of the book.

I really liked the book.  Historical fiction is my favorite genre of books, and while Tess may be a fictional character, the events that she lived through were very real.  It was interesting to read about the aftermath of the Titanic.  I didn't know about the court proceedings or what was being printed in the newspapers.  This book is an excellent read to get a different aspect of the tragedy that is the Titanic.

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