Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Specials (Uglies #3)" by Scott Westerfeld

384 pages

As both an Ugly and a Pretty, Tally feared and despised Special Circumstances. She certainly never imagined she would one day become a Special herself. But now she can't imagine being any other way. She loves her super-human strength, her built-in high-tech abilities, and her sharp beauty. She believes that she's making the world a better place by keeping the Uglies down and the Pretties stupid. But something is nagging at her. And when the New Smoke fights back against the city, Tally's past comes back to make her question her new role in society. 

I was, for the most part, disappointed with this conclusion to the Uglies series. It felt like the same old story from "Pretties"...Tally has had her mind tampered with, but the good guys come along to remind her which side she's on. For most of the book, it was same-old same-old. However, that said, there's a big twist toward the end that I liked, and I was definitely happy with the ultimate conclusion. It was worth ready just for that, but I wish the beginning was more original and engaging. 

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