Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Shadows (Ashes #2)" by Ilsa Bick

528 pages

Even before the Electomagnetic Pulses began turning young people into zombies, Alex was on the run from the demons of her past and the tumor in her head. Then she met and fell in love with Tom, only to lose him. Now, in this second book of the Ashes trilogy, she has reached the settlement of Rule and believes she’s finally found a place where she can be safe while the rest of the world falls apart. Unfortunately, she is horribly wrong. It turns out that not everyone in Rule wants to offer sanctuary from the Spared, and in fact some have it out for Alex specifically. And there are secrets among the group—secrets that could destroy everything. With things in Rule so precarious and the Outside filled with the Changed, Alex has nowhere to turn.

I thoroughly enjoyed Ashes, the first book in the trilogy, but I was mostly disappointed with this one. I felt like it was much more random and unstructured, like the author didn’t have much of a plan and just made it up as she went along. I had trouble following all the different characters’ perspectives and all their wandering. Still, when the action picked up in the second part of the book and the two main storylines finally came together, I did enjoy it more. I’m hoping that this middle book is just a weak link and that the third book in the trilogy finishes strong. 

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