Monday, September 24, 2012


Geraldine Brooks
280 pages

Based on the characters from Little Women, this book tells the story of Mr. March while he is serving as an Army chaplain and teacher to "contraband" slaves during the Civil War.  However, this book does not just tell the story of present day Mr. March but also covers his past.  For instance, you learn who Mr. March lent his money to and how the March family ended up living in poverty.  You also learn how Mr. March met Marmee and how Mr. March helped Marmee learn to control her explosive temper.  This book also covers Mrs. March's perspective as she visits her gravely ill husband and learns about the secrets he has been keeping from her.

Although this book was intriguing, not all of it jives with my own picture of Mr. and Mrs. March.  Brooks's version of Marmee feels right, but I'm not sure Brooks's vision of Mr. March would match up with Alcott's vision.

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