Thursday, September 13, 2012


Charlaine Harris
327 pages

Sookie is in crisis mode yet again.  Some parts of her life are going quite well.  Sam has given her more responsibilities at the bar as part of her investment.  Tara and J.B. are about to give birth to twins, and her brother is about to get engaged.  However, other parts of her life are not going so well.  Felipe de Castro is visiting Shreveport to investigate the "disappearance" of Victor and strongly suspects that Eric was behind it. While the king is visiting, a woman that Eric fed from turns up dead on his front lawn.  Sookie and the vampires must find out who was behind the woman's death.  If that weren't bad enough, the fairies are acting up.   Some are making mischief and suspect that Sookie has the cluviel dor.  This magical object is putting Sookie at great risk, and how she decides to use it may have a great impact on her entire future.

I could have lived without most of the fairy drama.  However, I loved the ending of this book, and I'm hoping it means what I think it means.  There's only one more book left in this series, and I'm anxiously awaiting to see who Sookie is going to end up with.

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