Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Living Dead in Dallas

by Charlaine Harris
291 pages

The gay cook at Sookie's bar is found dead in the back of a cop car.  On top of that, the vampires of Dallas have called upon Sookie to solve a missing vampire case.  In the course of events, an anti-vampire group begins to cause lots of trouble for Sookie.  Sookie must use her telepathy and gut instincts to solve these problems and keep herself safe.  In the mean time, her  romance with Bill is continuing to blossom and develop, but Sookie has trouble dealing with some of Bill's vampire tendencies.

Overall, this was an interesting read.  Sookie is definitely not a "worldly" girl, but she has spunk.  I'm still not sure how I feel about her romance with Bill, and I admit that I would like to see her with Sam.  However, I always side with the shapeshifter.  (I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but I am definitely on Team Jacob.)

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