Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dead Until Dark

by Charlaine Harris
312 pages

Sookie is just your average 25-year-old barmaid in small town Louisiana, except for one thing--she's telepathic.  This, of course, complicates her life.  Most people don't acknowledge her "gift" and just think she's crazy.  Being telepathic has certainly made dating almost impossible for Sookie, until she meets a vampire named Bill.  She can't read his mind at all, which is a joyous relief.  Unfortunately, women in the area begin to turn up dead, and Bill and Sookie's brother are the prime suspects.  Sookie soon learns that being a vampire's girlfriend can add many complications to life.  Is this budding romance worth the risk?

I have heard many good things about the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and I can see why.  Sookie's perspective is unique, and I'd like to see how this character develops.

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