Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Silence by Jan Costin Wagner
245 Pages

This book is written by a German author who resides in both Germany and Finland. This is a mystery/thriller book and it was translated by Anthea Bell. When I first read that it had been translated, I really did not think much about it, the names of the characters were different, but I did not think that it would be written any differently than a book by an American author. I was wrong. The plot is good, the suspense is good, but the style of writing was different enough that I almost did not finish this book. It starts out with a missing girl and her bike being left on a bike trail. They drag her out of a lake a few months later, then it fast forwards to 33 years later, with another missing girl and a bike at the marker of the first girl's bike.  I was really intrigued; as this is the type of books I like ( morbid, I know...).  I would say that in German - this was a great book. I am hoping that it is not just my preference of American authors (which until I read this, I did not realize I had) that made it hard for me to connect and really enjoy this book.

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