Friday, April 20, 2012

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer
by Michael Connelly
404 pages

Michael "Mickey" Haller is a California defense attorney for what some would call "the lowest of the low".  He operates out of his Lincoln Town Car (hence the nickname) that is driven by a fomer client working off his legal fees. Mickey's biggest fear is that he won't recognize an innocent man when he sees one. In his most recent client, wealthy real estate agent Louis Roulet, Mickey sees not only a "franchise case" (a case that will generate a lot of income and also, in the future, more high profile clients), but also quite possibly an innocent man.

As the case progresses, however, the similarities in Roulet's case and one that Mickey had tried to defend two years before (that landed his client in jail for life) force Mickey to question whether he's trying to protect the wrong client.

I read this book because I really liked the movie, and I was glad to see that the movie stuck very close to the book.

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