Saturday, September 8, 2012

Flower of Life: Volume 2

by Fumi Yoshinaga, 174 pages

Hanazono's class gets caught up in quiet, unassuming fellow schoolmate Sumiko Takeda's homemade shojo manga just as the school's preparing for exams and then the annual cultural festival.  As Hanazono and Mikuni take on the challenge of writing their own comic for the manga club's contribution to the festivities, Majima's unquenchable opportunistic nature sees potential self-profit in the romance-filled pages circulating around school.  Class D's competitive spirit kicks in!

This is probably the most fun, unpredictable school cultural festival story I've come across (school festivals are a very common story frame in manga--and I've read a lot of manga!).  I won't spoil you, but I laughed out loud multiple times, was a little gob-smacked, and had my heart strings tugged on.  I might have to buy these...after all, it's only a four-volume series....

*worries her greedy OCD completionist tendencies will get the better of her budgetary common sense*  :-P

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