Thursday, August 16, 2012


Catherine Marshall
Narrated by Kelly Martin
501 pages

The year is 1912.  Christy is a young, ambitious woman from Asheville, NC who has decided to teach in a mission school in the impoverished Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  This experience tests her faith and character.  At first she is overwhelmed by the ignorance and dirt of the mountain people.  However, Alice Henderson and David Grantland are there to help her find her place.  With their help, she grows to love the mountain people and make an impact on her students.

I loved the TV show when I was younger, and I loved this book.  I was a little surprised by the end, but I loved it.  This audiobook is also narrated by the same actress who played her in the TV series, so the voice was already familiar to me as that of Christy.  I felt some of her accents were overdone, and sometimes it was difficult to tell her voices apart, but I enjoyed it overall.

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