Saturday, May 12, 2012

April 2012 Winners

Yeah, I know, these statistics are really late! Sorry about that. I really have no excuse. Anyway, here are our winners and total stats for April:

Jenny: 18
Heather: 15
Sarah Bean Thompson: 14

Heather: 4359
Sarah BT: 4145
Jenny: 3707

Participation Points
Meggan: 20
Jenny (tie): 19
Sarah BT (tie): 19

Books: 101
Pages: 30,778
Participants: 13

Way to go, guys! Keep it up! 

Don't forget the upcoming challenges: 

May: Memoirs
June: Any book with "summer" or "night" in the title (in honor of the Summer Reading Program and this year's theme)
July:  Red, white, or blue cover
August: Missouri author

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