Thursday, January 19, 2012


by Eleanor H. Porter
218 pages

Pollyanna is a children's book set in the early twentieth century.  It is about a girl who has recently become an orphan after her missionary father dies.  Pollyanna is then sent to live with Aunt Polly, who is just "doing her duty" by taking her in.  Even though she is an orphan living with a dour aunt, Pollyanna stays optimistic by playing the "Glad Game."  Pollyanna's game makes a huge impact on the whole town, but Pollyanna's ability to play the game is about to be tested.  Will she lose her optimistic outlook entirely, or will she find gladness once more?

Overall, I liked this book.  It had a nice, optimistic tone and was a quick read.  However, I really don't think anybody can be as intrinsically good as Pollyanna is.

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